Wisdom of the Ancients

These pages are dedicated to the distilled knowledge of ancient Trappist IT monks that live atop mountains, high in the Himalayas. Their knowledge, closely guarded and handed down generation to generation, is finally revealed.

  • This isn’t an office. It’s Hell with fluorescent lighting.
  • I started out with nothing & still have most of it left.
  • I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me.
  • Errors have been made. Others will be blamed.
  • See no evil, hear no evil, date no evil.
  • Allow me to introduce my selves.
  • Sarcasm is just one more service we offer.
  • Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
  • Do they ever shut up on your planet?
  • I’m just working here till a good fast-food job opens up.
  • I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.
  • Here I am! Now what are your other two wishes?
  • I just want revenge. Is that so wrong?
  • You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing.
  • Macho Law forbids me from admitting I’m wrong.
  • Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
  • Chaos, panic, & disorder – my work here is done.
  • Earth is full. Go home.
  • I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paycheques.
  • If God limited the intelligence of man, why couldn’t he have done the same with stupidity.

The Ramblings Of A Wanna-be Meglomaniac