Honourable Mentions

Ian – otherwise known as Pash or (sorry mate) “Little Legs”. Also for his sins (and there must be many) a Leeds Utd supporter!! Through the years, on cold Sunday mornings watching our sons play football (in some far off climes – like Hartlepool, Wrexham and of course … Stockport who play at Altrincham, but nobody told us), someone to bounce ideas off, a recipient of TeeJay’s rants, and generally being there (many, many times)! Pictured here being introduced to the obscure art of coooooking – fine shepard’s pie Pal.

Uncle Ade – long time friend, and someone I don’t speak to often enough, but who is forever in my thoughts. Best Man, who saw me thru my wedding, and someone I really hope will be there to celebrate 25 years in 2009. (And next time Rush play we will sort it out well in advance). Also lyricist of Device’s greatest hit.

My wife, stylish, patient, adorable, gorgeous Jo without whose love and support I would probably be in a gutter somewhere.