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I finally took receipt of my 2005 MG TF on Friday 5th February 2010.  It has been a week in coming.  I went to collect it last Saturday to find that it had failed it’s test – all the tyres had to be replaced by the dealer.  Money changed hands with keys and log book coming in the opposite direction.  We had decided to have lunch in the pub literally around the corner, so with hood down and the engine ticking over nicely I depressed the clutch and put into gear.  Releasing the clutch slowly (as unsure where the bite point was) I suddenly realised that I had taken my foot completely off the clutch and had not moved….

It turns out that the clutch  slave cylinder was leaking and needed to be replaced.  So got the call on Wednesday that she was ready and off I went.  Got just out of Ackworth and the Coolant Level warning light came on (I’ve never had a coolant level warning light), so turn round and go back.  The garage has a quick look, says it was an airlock, tops it up and goes for a quick spin in it, – everything’s fine.  Got home OK.

The following morning it’s snowing and I’m thinking “Rear wheel drive – that’s going to be fun getting off the estate”.  Anyway – gets to the first roundabout (1/4 of a mile) and the Coolant Level warning light and the Engine Management warning light come.  Spin round, take it home, Jo drives me to work, call the garage and they say bring it back.  Arrange to be late in to work Friday.  Get back home and check the coolant level and it’s dropped, so I top it up.  Friday morning comes and I take the car back, however the Coolant Level warning light stays off.  When I get the call to pick her back up It appears that the fan switch needed replacing. 

I would just like to say a big Thanks to Gary @ Fowlers Car Sales for going much further than the ‘extra mile’.

Have spent the weekend getting used to driving her, clocking up 130 miles or so and using half a tank of fuel (according to the gauge) but what the hell…

I found this applies exactly to me, except that I’m 6’5″ and this is about and MGF:

So off for a test drive I went. You have to realise that I was comparing the MG with the refinement of a BMW saloon car. Instead of the smooth straight 6-cylinder engine I was in control of a high revving 4-cylinder beast. Instead of a well insulated cockpit, I was protected from the elements by a piece of cloth (i.e. the roof). Instead of the space that you get in a four seater saloon car, there was an engine right behind my back.

Now, I’m 6’4″ (that’s nearly 2 metres in modern talk), and I was surprised that I actually fitted into such a small car. And boy did it seem small. It had dinky wipers and a tiny steering wheel. It really reminded me of driving a Mini; even to the way it held the road. It’s just the ride that was different – a bit harsher than the BMW, but very smooth all the same.

[Source: > MGF FAQ > Why buy an MGF]

So now the proud owner of a 2005 MG TF in British Racing Green with a Grenadine hood, Leather/Alcantara trim in Grenadine.  Have many upgrades to perform (along with getting rid of the private plate) starting with heated washer jets, a hard top, possibly roll hoops…..

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