Sod the environment, I’m going to have fun

For the last few weeks I have been contemplating buying a new car as my old Mondeo is getting to the point where it’s likely to start costing me money.  Actually, that’s not true – I started contemplating about 3-4 years when I wanted to have a mid-life crisis and buy an MGF.

Anyway as time went on I came to the conclusions that girls had spoilt all sports cars as ever car that I liked I saw them mainly being driven by girls.  There’s a company dedicated to selling them – think Sheila’s Wheels for sports cars. I even saw a Chrysler Crossfire on our estate being driven by a blonde.

So I think to myself how about going for cheaper motoring?  So with AutoTrader in hand and firmly book-marked I started my search.  I finally had purpose and after much searching I narrowed it down to 2 cars.  The first was an 05 Renault Megane 1.5cdi, tax band C (£35) about 60 mpg, however no matter how hard I tried I could not fit into it.  My head was scrapping on the roof so onto the next….a 2005 British Racing Green with a leather interior (red)  MG TF

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