It was 15 years ago today…

Well not quite. I used to play in a band called Device and to be honest we weren’t that good. We only played live a few times, but did manage to get airplay on Radio 1. We’d tried doing covers but really couldn’t do them that well. For example the first gig we played on the third song we all started playing different songs to each other and the crowd didn’t even notice – all three of them. After about a year the Skreemin’ Abdabs broke up after an arguement about ‘creative differences’.

Anyway the guitarist and myself decided to form a new band – Device (various spellings – DeVice, De Vice, D’vice etc). To get over our lack of playing ability we decided to write our own songs as that way nobody would know if we were playing them correctly or not.

The result was that on the 21st/22nd August 1992 we went into a studio and recorded 4 songs.

  1. Diff’rent Games
  2. Taken In Hand
  3. Turning Tide
  4. Babble

A few months later we sent this demo to Radio 1 as the late night DJ , Tommy Vance, had a Rock Wars competition where 1 track from 3 different bands was played and the listeners voted for their favourite. This happened for three weeks and the winners of each heat went head to head in the fourth. That winner got studio time in the Radio 1 studios with a professional producer. Anyway we won our heat (the DJ was Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman (and contrary to what he believes – I played bass). Unfortunately we came second in the final – and that is my claim to fame.

So in these days of comeback tours (I don’t think we actually did a tour), I think that Ross Gooding (guitar), Tony Wainwright (bass – not guitar – and grunts) and Adrian Parry (drums) should reform – hey if it’s alright for Take That after 10 years, why not Device after 15!

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