Over a month

It’s been over a month since I last posted, and have been averaging 1 a month for a while now!!!! There are a number of reasons for this some are personal which I feel don’t need to be shared here (those who know me will know what they are). One of the main things that has happened is that I have changed jobs and moved back into IT (yipeee). I now work for what used to be marriage giudance (before you comment I am not a counsellor). They are moving their central office up from Rugby and have moved into a shiny new building. We have currently settled on a hardware contractor so things will be moving ahead quickly from now on – not that I haven’t been busy for the last month.

Currently we have a mish-mash of hardware, are using software that will be replaced by a new system (hopefully) in November and have just trained call centre staff. The software is starting to bee rolled out to offsite telephone counsellors, who are not conducive to change??.

Anyway good news there will be a post earlier next month as I’ve just realised that there is a 15th anniversary coming up – I’ll let you know then.

Oh, I will be seeing Uncle Ade in October as we’re going to see Rush at Sheffield

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