New Targets

I read in the papers a small snippet about Jonathan Ross was embroiled in a race row after saying the BBC on employs black people as cleaners and doormen – not programme makers. Defending their self the BBC are quoted as saying that they have a “mixed and diverse workforce”. They then proceeded to drop themselves in it even further by announcing targets of 12.5 percent of ethic minority employees in the general workforce and seven percent in senior management.

In my mind this poses at least 2 questions –

1. Are they going to achieve this even if the candidates are not suitable?
2. Are they going to employ to achieve the target, even if there are candidates, better qualified with more experience who do not match the race criteria?

Now as much as I dislike and disagree with President Blair, one of the few sensible things to come out of his mouth, was when he criticised the niqab as a “mark of separation”. Isn’t this what the BBC are doing by creating targets/quotas for employees? Are they not being racially prejudiced against non-ethnics, by saying that only 7 % of people from an ethnic background are capable of holding senior management positions? Why not 12%? Are only 93% on people who are from white backgrounds capable of holding these positions.

In these days of Multi-culturism isn’t time we scrapped targets and quotas completely, whether they are based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, hairstyle, age, etc. and embrace a new target. We will employ 100% of our staff based on their competence to do the job as we are all English. However that would mean most of the BBC being out of work!

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