The death of freedom of speech and thought

There have been a lot of calls recently to sack a ballerina with the English National Ballet because she is a member of the BNP. Can someone explain to me why we should sack someone because of their political affiliation? If that is the case shouldn’t there be a call for Tony Blair to be sacked as he is a card carrying member of the Labour Party? He did, after all, lead the country in an illegal war in Iraq. Isn’t it part of the English way that you can believe what you want as long as is it within the limits of English law?

Recently I applied for a job within the Prison service and on the application form I had to declare if I was a member of the British National Party, and it went onto say that if I was it would disqualify me from the post. Why?

In the interest of backing my arguments I did a Google search on BNP and found an article on there website entitled ‘BNP call to ban Muslims from our skies‘. This was about banning Muslims from flying into and out of Britain at a time when Muslim terrorists had conspired to plant bombs on passenger planes leaving the UK. Thier argument for doing so was:

During recent international football competitions, a similar ban on English football hooligans was carried out, when many football fans had their passports confiscated and travel restricted.

If white working class men can be treated in this fashion it must be possible to apply a similar ban to Muslims.

Can we disagree with that? There is too much concern for the rights of a minority section of the nation at the expense of the majority. While we should be mindful of the customs, cultures and beliefs of this wide ranging society, we must also be aware of the greater good. At the end of the day a lot of Muslims came to this Country because they saw that we lead a better life and wanted to be part of it. To do that they need to be speak the language, be mindful of our culture customs and beliefs, stop supporting those who would take it away, and integrate themselves into our society, whilst maintaining their own ways within the law of the land.

We also need to rid ourselves of the divisive system that measures ethnicity. We are all English. My son recently had an application form to fill in be become a member of a new NHS Foundation Trust, and there was the obligatory (optional) questions around ethnicity as the wanted to be representative of the community. If the population of my town is 100,000 and 80% are white. If only 2 white people apply to be members and 8 non-whites apply, is this representative? We will never have pure representation until we all become classed as English and remove the invasive political correctness that is being applied. Until we do ballerinas will be members of the BNP and racial tension will sadly grow.

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