Buzzy Barry

Barry bunny is a house rabbit. This means that he lives inside our house. He has a hutch in the kitchen and during the day is allowed to roam free in the kitchen unless Jo is in when he is allowed to follow her (her rules not mine – until he chews one of my books, computer cables, TV cables, etc when he will live under a pastry blanket surrounded by gravy). At night he is shut in his hutch. Most people who know this find it a little strange as rabbits live in hutches outside. All I can say is people don’t know what they a missing.

He likes eating cardboard boxes (or rather shredding them) and hay. The inside of his hutch has to be arranged to his liking and if it isn’t then he will throw and push things to where he wants them. He doesn’t like dried bananas, but likes pears, apples and plums. He doesn’t like Brussels sprouts but loves the tops of the plants. He will sit by the back door when he knows you’re leaving the kitchen and as you open the door to the hall will make a dash to the door to try and escape. He tolerates being picked up, but will chase his tail around your leg. When he goes to sleep he falls over sideways as though he has been shot. He will run along jumping and skipping, and then attack a shoe he finds on the floor as though he is a terrier. He will run up to you and head butt your ankle, or if really grumpy then he will bite it.

Strangest of all is when running around he sometimes makes the weirdest noise. It has variously been described as a cross between “an intermittent bee and a clockwork car”. We can only assume this is a contented sound.

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