Engendering a Culture of Respect

Can someone tell what this email is about? I received it at work today ! (Names changed to protect the guilty)

[ThisCo] Diversity Week takes place 4-8 December 2006. What better time to reiterate the positive standards of behaviour that is expected from everyone in [ThisCo].

Diversity is all about valuing and respecting the differing views and ideas of our colleagues across the business. A diverse workforce has diverse views. However respect is also the cornerstone of successful working relationships.

Feeling respected is the key motivating factor for our people at work. We all have a job to do and we work hard, but we will achieve our objectives far more effectively by understanding the positions of those involved and accommodating and collaborating to achieve the best possible outcome.

We want everyone in [ThisCo] to work together as a team to achieve our goals, listen to the views of others and to be fair and just in our dealings with each other.  We need to treat people with respect – the same as you or I would wish to be treated and we must all take responsibility for managing our personal relationships positively and constructively.  I expect us all to champion a culture of respect.

I’m proud of the work [ThisCo] has done as a leading authority in the field of diversity, and I hope you will join me in celebrating [ThisCo] Diversity Week.

CEO [ThisCo]

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