Too hot too handle

We recently bought a jar of Tesco’s Wholegrain Mustard that had on its label ‘New improved flavour’! How is it possible to improve the flavour of a natural product? As always what they mean is that they have increased the flavour making it hotter. Have we become a nation that has lost its taste buds and therefore have to over flavour our foods? This lager drinking, curry addicted generation have lost the ability to taste. Everything has to be hotter than before and the machismo of the generation can’t distinguish flavour only spiciness. People never look at what is on the menu only how hot it is, thereby increasing in the quantity of cheap tasteless lager they drink.

Then there is the marketing propaganda machine which mixes flavours to generate revenue, for example Mexican Kiev’s. These are chicken breasts stuffed with Mexican-style foods. Kiev is a Russian city and chicken Kiev is a traditional based dish that would not have access to Mexican spices. By all means call them ‘chicken stuffed with Mexican foods’, but not Kiev’s

And surely mustard is only an accompaniment for food with a low quality taste.

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