Cheerios, foreign law and dear old gran

As I sat eating my Cheerios the other day, I started to go through my mail and came across a renewal notice for my house insurance. Sad bloke that I am, I read the small print and came across a section that said that it was covered by the laws of the country and that meant English law. This puzzled me as I thought that I was English, so I decided to ring the company and find out what it meant. It turns out that if I lived in Scotland it would be covered by Scottish law. Now I thought (naively) that the law of the land covered the United Kingdom. I now know that this is not the case and that Scotland has its own (more favourable) laws and that segregates the country. In this instance I am not opposed and when I am Grand Supreme Dictator it is a policy that I will activeley pursue to the extent that the wall of Hadrian will be re-built, along with the dyke of Offa – but it got me thinking.

With the recent ‘requests’ from sections of the Muslim community for the adoption of segments of Sharia law, Muslim only schools that only teach and celebrate that culture, the cries of “we are being victimised because of our religon”, and the objection of profiling air travellers I wonder if ‘multi-culturism’ is what Muslims want. I believe not. Requests like these are not from a community that wants to integrate into it’s adopted culture, it is a subversive attempt to dominate that culture and mould it into their own image. It is not respectful to make these ‘requests’ and then complain that that their beliefs are not being respected. As my dear old gran used to say – “you earn respect”. I don’t like Indian food, therefore I don’t go to Indian restaurants and ask for Chinese, and then complain that my tastes aren’t being respected. I go to a Chinese restaurant. I don’t go to Tuscanny and complain they can’t understand me. I learn Italian before I go. Again from dear old gran “when in Rome…”.

While I know a good many Muslims, Sheiks, and Lithunians, the one thing they all have in common is that they respect my culture and beliefs, abide by our laws, and mix well with others, they also maintain a dignity and respect for there own cultures and beliefs (which I find fascinating). At the end of the day Muslim terrorists (and in the current climate, we have yet to find one that is not) have openly declared war on our country and our way of life. They burn our flags, yet threaten us for defiling their gods by printing cartons. If they don’t like our way of life – why do they still live here?

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