I may have diabetes. After a visit to the doctor’s last week, my blood sugar is off the scale. This is probably why I have had a raging thirst and been dog tired. I had bloods taken and am waiting for the results. It is probably due to too much alcohol, so in this last week I have only had 1 glass of red wine and 1 glass of whiskey, and this was on my wedding aniversary.

Of course TPBTT, in her infinite wisdom has decide to buy books on the subject ‘too learn more about it’. She has also been out and bought diabetic cookbooks. I haven’t even been diagnosed yet (although the doctor is pretty convinced). One thing I have noticed about this wealth of information is that it is conflicting. One book bars me from peperroni, the other has it in a recipe. I’ll just wait and see what the the doctor says.

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