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Makes you think doesn't it?

I recently saw a headline in one of the national papers that stated

2 drinks a day linked to cancer

This got me thinking (strange I know) what has the study actually found? I assume that there has been a study of cancer patients and that has found that a greater percentage of those studied usually drink more than 2 units a day. This is held up as proof.

Who's been screwed

According to the News of the World “Sven Ex Faria is £8,000 Hooker”, and …? She is an attractive woman with a good figure which she is using to earn a living, and if she can get away with charging £8,000 for 3 hours of sex then good on her.

We all prostitute ourselves. I have skills that my employer needs and in return they give me money (admitedly not that much). Is this an different to what Faria is doing? She has skills that a lot of womaen would like and most men would die to sample. She has a commidity, her body, and there is a market for it.

3 years ago the News of the World broke the story of Faria and Sven and, in not so many words, almost branded her a prostitute. Now she is, they paid £8,000 and did even get to sample the goods!