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How I’ll get this great country back on it’s feet

My O2 Broadband Speed

I’ve missed a golden opportunity to improve my home Broadband.  Living in South Yorkshire, means that we seem to suffer from poor broadband speeds.  To combat this a consortium has emerged with funding from all over the place to improve this situation and are promising speeds of up 40 meg.

Unfortunateley, I have just been supplied with a bundle from Sky that replaces my current supplier O2.O2 BB Speed

Hope the speeds better with Sky.


The Chancellor recently published his budget and in it increased the road tax on larger engined vehicles by roughly £40 a year in an attempt to reduce pollution! This equates to less than £1 a week – wow. The people who drive these contraptions can easily afford thiss increase and only affect will be an increase in revenue to the government. No affect will be had on pollution and the number of these vehicles on the roads will remain the same. Under my gentle government the road tax for these monsters will increase to £2000 a year. Not only will we see a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road we will see an increase in revenue thereby giving me more money to spend on improving your lives.

Some of you will complain:

  • I live on a farm/inthe country and need the traction. In this case there will be a special exemption – but you will need to prove that the vehicle is needed, and it will not be allowed on a public highway. The penalty will be confiscation and a £20,000 fine and a week in the stocks.
  • But I am safer … but the rest of us aren’t. Jeremy Clarkson (who I generally like and admire) once said that he felt safer driving his kids to school than if he were in a standard saloon. Jeremy, this is because when people drive 4×4’s they drive like idiots. There was a mentality a while ago that because Volvo’s were the safest car, then nothing would happen to the occupants. Consequently those who drove Volvo’s didn’t care about others and this was displayed by their driving habits

Not only do these things increase the pollution in the atmosphere they create havoc on the roads. Therefore they will be banned unless absolutely necessary … or if I want one:wink:.