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Failures of accuracy, factual discrepancies or gobbledegook (generally in the media)


I have become appalled at the lack of factual and accurate information provided by the media and other sources and am therefore instigating a new category called Faccuracy. This will name and shame those who do not get ‘their facts right’.

In an article published in the Mail on Sunday, columnist Amanda Platell commented on an individual who was claiming £500 a week in benefits and expressed this as “over £26,000 a year”. Sorry Amanda you are the first in what I am sure will be a long list of many for TJ’s Faccuracy award as £500 x 52 = £26,000 exactly.

Automated menus!

I have had cause today, as the NHS have spelt my name wrong on my exemption certificate , to call the their call centre. I am quite sure that I filled the application in correctly and used my proper name – Antony. As you can see there is NO ‘h’, as in Anthony which is what appears on the card. Surely it is quite simple to copy it as it is written, rather than assume. I have had the name for nearly 45 years, so I am sure that the spelling hasn’t changed recently. Anyway – I  dialled the number to report the spelling and got the following message.

To ensure we route your call correctly please choose from the following option: Press 2 to speak to someone…

No other choices – and that was what I was calling to do anyway 🙄