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Grandad to Elliott


The idea for the trilogy was suggested by an older man telling that he didn’t think life was ruled by love, or reason, or money, or the pursuit of happiness — but by fear. This smart-but cynical guy’s position was that most people’s actions are motivated by fear of being hungry, fear of being hurt, fear of being alone, fear of being robbed, etc., and that people don’t make choices based on hope that something good will happen, but in fear that something bad will happen.

I reacted to this the way all of us tend to react to generalities: “Well, I’m not like that!” But then I started thinking about it more, watching the way people around me behaved, and I soon realised that there was something to this viewpoint, So I sketched out the three “theaters of fear,” as I saw them: how fear works inside us (“The Enemy Within”), how fear is used against us (“The Weapon”), and how fear feeds the mob mentality (“Witch Hunt”).

As it happened, the last theme was easiest to deal with, so it was written first, and consequently appeared first on record, and the other two followed in reverse order for the same reason

Neil Peart on the “Fear” trilogy by Rush, still an interesting philosophy

Win 7 AntiMalware 2010

Bugger – I am an IT Professional and I got hit with Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 Fake-AV yesterday. I am running Windows 7 with Sophos Anti-Virus v9 and Windows Defender, all fully patched yet still got hit – perhaps I should shell out for the paid version of Malware Bytes!.

I am currently cleaning up my iTunes, moving greatest hits to original albums, removing duplicates, putting the English album covers on instead of American, and it was this last part part that got me – downloading images from Google. I was looking for the 2 heads facing each other that can look like a vase. In the 90’s I was in a band that had a recording session that we sold on cassette. I still have it on my iPod, but never kept the artwork and I was trying to re-create it.

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Oh crap…

My pride and joy has been laid up since the 16th February with Head Gasket Failure.  I am getting Russell (apparently the man who is all things MG) to come a replace it, and renew the cam belt and water pump on the 13th March.  He is coming all the way from Sevenoaks and is only charging just over £400 for the privilege.  That’ll have been a whole month.

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