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Grandad to Elliott

Barry’s Gone

Today we took Barry to Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue.  Does this make us bad bunny parents?  Possibly – he has become a grumpy old (6 years) man, makes a right mess on the floor, chews the skirting boards in the kitchen, digs holes in the garden and eats the plants.  However, the reason he had to go was none of these.  Quite simply Elliott, our grandson, is allergic to him.  We have him every week and he always start coughing on the first night!

Mandy at Scunthorpe Rabbit Rescue says she already has a possible home for him and that if he didn’t have mites he would probably only be staying with her for a couple of hours.  There we have it – we are bad bunny parents.

My O2 Broadband Speed

I’ve missed a golden opportunity to improve my home Broadband.  Living in South Yorkshire, means that we seem to suffer from poor broadband speeds.  To combat this a consortium has emerged with funding from all over the place to improve this situation and are promising speeds of up 40 meg.

Unfortunateley, I have just been supplied with a bundle from Sky that replaces my current supplier O2.O2 BB Speed

Hope the speeds better with Sky.

Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 Removal

Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 is a rogue malware removal tool, fake virus protection program that displays fake security alert and lists false system security threats just to trick you into thinking that your computer is infected with spyware, adware and other malware. It’s not a new rogue program. It uses misleading methods to trick users into purchasing the rogue program. Don’t buy it!

As a typical scareware, Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 displays fake security warnings and notifications claiming that your computer is infected and under attack from a remote computer. That’s not true, please ignore such false information. The rogue program also blocks antivirus and antispyware programs and hijacks Internet Explorer & Firefox. It may disable Task Manager and Registry Editor to make the removal process rather complicated as these tools are very useful when removing such infections. You may choose to remove Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 either manually or with an automatic removal tool. However, please note that this rogue program may come bundled with other malicious software that’s why we strongly recommend you to use an anti-malware program for Win 7 AntiMalware 2010 removal.

I have now completed the removal and restoration of my system. I have backed up all the registry keys and will wait a week or so before deleting them in case I need to restore them. To make sure the I checked the registry keys were the same on both an XP and Windows 7 PC and work.

First a warning – this requires changing Windows registry, which can irretrievably damage your system if you make a mistake. Please ensure you backup your system before proceeding and make backups of all registry keys before you change/delete them. I cannot be held responsible if you break your system. If you are unsure, consult a professional before proceeding.

Anyways, here what I did:

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